MGA Entertainment Product Safety

MGA Entertainment, Inc., the makers of your favorite brands like L.O.L. Surprise!, the Original Moj Moj, Num Noms, Project Mc2, Little Tikes and many other popular toy brands understands you want your children's toys to be safe. That is why our toys and products are subjected to a rigorous testing process that not only meets, but quite often exceeds legal requirements. We did not just institute these policies recently, we have employed them since the very beginning of our company.

How we ensure our toys are safe

Like most toy companies, MGA Entertainment manufactures many of its products in the Far East. In order to produce safe products abroad, we take extra precaution by testing not just our finished product, but our raw materials as well. What exactly do we test? We test to all federally mandated and Toy Industry Association voluntary standards for presence of lead, normal use and foreseeable abuse including torque, tension, drop, compression strength, accessibility of magnets and a host of other standards.

All of our product testing ensures that the MGA Entertainment toys and products you purchase, meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry.

Check, double check, triple check

MGA Entertainment products are safety tested by independent accredited laboratories throughout the manufacturing life cycle. By the time you purchase an MGA Entertainment toy, it has been tested beyond industry standards and federal requirements. They always have and they always will.

MGA Entertainment's #1 commitment is to the safety of your children.

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